“Dance is for everybody. I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people” – Alvin Ailey

As DANCEunLimited, the above quote resonates perfectly with all of our work. Thus Africa Goombay is a dance class open to youth and adults with and without previous dance experience, irrespective of their social background or identity – it’s for everyone and anyone.

Africa Goombay offers its  participants a narrative and an experience of different African dance styles, from its traditional elements to it’s modern influences.

This class is set as an environment to enjoy dance while learning about African culture, refreshing the mind and developing a healthy body together with other people with similar interests.

This class is part of the different dance related offerings by DANCEunLimited for the public. These includes school holidays dance camp, Moving Minds Incubation programme for young choreographers and other dance related projects we do at Joburg Theatre’s Youth Development, since 2013.

DANCEunLimited is a division of Box Unlimited (Pty) Ltd.
We are contactable at 061 407 2989 /

This Saturday is the continuation of Africa celebrations, braking African borders through dance….
Africa Goombay will be co-facilitated with the globetrotting African dance and fitness teacher and instagram sensation Coach Cass alias @coachcassfit. The class-cum-workshop will feature one of the DANCEunLimited master teachers Keaoleboga Seodigeng, offering gumboots dance and other South African dance forms while Coach Cass will teach her speciality dance – Kukuwa Dance from her home country Ghana.

This class is open to anyone and everyone…try out pure African dance forms.