Don’t miss this exciting edutainment stage play. It will take you through the journey of a hustler with his true stories and experiences on the streets of jozi, sharing all the happy moments and tough times from his life experiences.

A gangster, a womanizer and a slave of drugs. The young hustler got himself into all these things on his journey of hustling for success not realizing he was also destroying his life while hustling to be a successful actor and a business man. He is an expert gambler, a game player who is willing to face any kind of challenge in order to get money. He grabs at any opportunity that arises. He’s not a selfish hustler, he always puts others first before himself yet they stab him in the back sometimes. This play portrays the life of a black, strong young man in South Africa.

The script does not dwell on the sensationalism of her addiction to alcohol and drugs but chooses, rather, to celebrate all the hustlers out there who are trying so hard to make change in their lives and the lives of others. This young hustler tells us not only his story, but the nation’s story, a journey of all the hustlers.

This play is targeted to everyone especially young stars who are on their journey to success, it educates about the danger of drugs and alcohol leave’s you open minded about all the dangers of living a life of a hustler. It gives you a clear understanding of what exactly is a Hustler, all the kinds of hustlers and what hustlers do, the play takes you through a journey of all the hustlers out there giving you an opportunity to experience a life of a hustler.

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