An award winning play returns on stage. Meet Bro Six-two is a hard hitting and tense tale about the journey of Six-two Moshoeshoe’s survival. He is a former dice gambler who tells his story of unfair dismissal, police corruption and the intensity of fraud levels that may provide a better insight into the high rate of unemployment in South Africa. Brought up in rural area; Six-two and his friend face the reality of starvation and are forced into a routine of stealing vegetables at Meneer Van Wyk’s farm. Getting exhausted of the steady tsotsi lifestyle, he decides to change direction by looking for a job within the nearest town. Using forged certificates and the right connections, his plan succeeds. Once accepted he cheers and celebrates hoping to live a better life. His hope is shortened as his new fond opportunity proves to be the beginning of his nightmares. Playing diverse characters varying from Black; White Afrikaner; to Indian with the utmost compassion, Wiseman Mncube who plays the character of Six-two offers an energetic, intense and intimate performance.
Written and directed by Samson M. Mlambo Performed by Wiseman Mncube

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