Lerammoux and the Gurulogic Band are excited to present a textured and captivating theatrical production, The Incarnations, set to hit the stage for the first time at the Joburg Theatre on the 25th of February. Lerammoux is an author who brings her stories to life on stage. Her performances are in a folklore storytelling style, where she narrates and embodies her own stories accompanied by live music.

Lerammoux is pioneering a specific and unique genre called Musical Literature, which explores the relationship between the narrative and the senses. Lerammoux is out to shape the way readers interact with the physical book and invites you to an extra-sensory literary adventure. The stories are read from her upcoming published book, Palesa: The Incarnations, which is published by Classic Age Publishing is set to hit the shelves this year and the sensational shows will be the run up to its grand release in May.

Lerammoux has performed one-woman theatrical shows in Cape Town and Rome. Lerammoux and the Gurulogic Band will be performing The Incarnations once a month from February through to May.

Lerato Mmutle is the woman behind the Lerammoux name and concept. A true artist and confessed tortured soul, Lerammoux has traversed a long journey, dedicated to her writing dream to become a published author.
Fueled by passion and plagued with a relentless sense of responsibility to write what she envisions, Lerammoux persevered and created the work, Palesa: The Incarnations, a short story anthology that follows Palesa through all her different life forms: from child to mother to seductress and even to a terrorized bunny.
She now collaborates with the Gurulogic Band to perform her stories on stage at the Joburg Theatre in a textured and sensory one-woman theatrical show in a genre called Musical Literature. Through storytelling, performance, traditional pen ad paper as well as carefully curated collaborations, Lerammoux is a literary artist with multiple dimensions.
Mpho Matlala is the leader of the Gurulogic Band. After countless torturous years in the Financial Industry, he finally relented to his first love, music. He formed the Gurulogic Band in 2012, once having over 12 members. He finally streamlined and found a core grouping of insanely talented musicians, from singers to bassists. He vows his undying adoration to his Rhodes piano and is also well-versed in the art of production.
Guru, as his band members know him, is an artist with a gifted ear for sound. Having met Lerammoux 8 years ago, this is the first collaboration together for her literary production. The alliance has stretched the boundaries of his musical horizon to a more interactive dance between literature and chords. The band has two jazz albums to their name Rainy Thursday and Time Traveller.

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