I believe in Miracles is the first live recording of Miracle Gospel Family.
It’s a great encounter, will be one of the biggest gospel show for 2019; by that night we’ll lift God up in the name of Jesus Christ with Deep worship songs !
As He said in the Bible (let’s Everything that has breath praise the lord) Ladies and gentlemen we’ll praise the with hot praise songs and we shall dance like never before for his glory !
A lot of guest artists will be there for your edification. Artists from Nigeria, DR-Congo and South Africa !

You’re all welcome to this great encounter, come and your show expression of gratefulness to God.

This will be a night not to be missed. The doors open at 4pm, the show shall begin at 4h30.

15th of June is coming and it’s a REALITY
God bless you !!!


Miracle-Poster for web

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