Binqa: our words, our stories

The Joburg theatre honours international women’s month by gracing the stage with the voices of women.  Women have unique and important ways of telling the stories of a society.  Women tell the inside stories between people and the stories missed by the history books.

Binqa is a festival of theatre plays by a new generation of young and brave story tellers and theatre makers telling their own stories in their own words.

Uku Binqa or the act or tying a wrap around one’s waist is symbolic in Africa and calls upon those times when the women must tie themselves together, towards each other and to rise.  Through the stories of women we find the words that bare witness and honour the small instances that hold people together.


Performance date and time

Date                     15:00 and 18:00          

March 10      –    Before you encho Amen (15h00)  and Izibazi (20h00)

Opening night dialogue – beyond story telling; the role of women in making theatre

March 11     –     Before we encho Amen and Could we all be trash

March 12     –     Could we all be trash and Izibazi

March 13     –     Sesi, through her eyes and Metsi

March 14     –     Before you encho Amen at 20:00

March 15     –     Metsi and Sesi, through her eyes