Following the award-winning success of NIJINSKY’S WAR, leftfoot productions embark on a new production, BIRTHING NUREYEV.

After receiving the coveted Standard Bank Ovation Award for excellence, a SA Theatre Magazine award for Best Cutting-Edge Production, five nominations and three more SA Theatre Magazine nominations, this exciting new production will prove yet another success. This will be leftfoot productions’ third installment focusing on a dancer as the main character, completing a trilogy.

Birthing Nureyev, written by award-winning Henque Heymans, is based on the life of Russian Dancer – Rudolph Nureyev.

June 16, 1961, Russia’s finest dancer slipped through his keepers’ fingers to defect to the West.

This dance infused theatrical work focusses on Nureyev’s exceedingly dramatic defection from Russia and the KGB’s insidious attempts from behind the iron curtain to destroy his career, juxtaposed with his prodigious success in the West. Regardless of his fame and fortune, Nureyev was shattered when his home country denounced him and damningly charged him with high treason. Most disconcerting was the inevitable alienation from his loved ones.

This production launched at the National Arts Festivla Makhanda in 2019 with critical acclaim and is performed and choreographede by Ignatius van Heerden with direction by acclaimed Andre Odendaal. Set and lighting design by Kosie Smit, and AV design by Naret Loots.

“This show is so spell-binding that you cannot believe the 50 minute duration is up so quickly. Van Heerden, under the direction of Andre Odendaal is impeccable in his portrayal of the determined but often tortured Nureyev.” Brett Adkins, The Herald