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Black is an alternative Hip-Hop music album by Afro-Centrick Quo. Written from the conception of “Black” as a form of racial deviation from other races within the realms of humanity. It is intended as a celebration of the modern day Afrocentric ethnicity while denoting the ways in which the racial group is socially, economically, environmentally and politically prejudiced.
Black is a live music installation show that confronts the basis of racial identity amongst humanity. It is a narrative that engages the audience in the writer’s self-introspective dialogue on his journey to self-discovery while capturing and articulating burning and controversial subjects within the South African status quo over the past five years. The narrative in the Black journey is embodied through the writer’s thoughts, experiences, encounters and discoveries relative to the black community. Easily becoming an echo of the black community’s realities in the global society.

Join Afro-Centrick Quo as he articulates his life experience informed thesis on Black identity. Confronting the norms of BLACK identity through music and installation art & manikin by the Green Office. The show features contemporary and street dance expressions hinting at human nature’s multi facets of self-identity.
This production with its title does not isolate all of humanity from the black narrative but rather showcases how the most fragile racial group’s narrative is the common denominator for all of humanity’s needs globally.
Written, Produced & Directed by: Nqobile Khumalo
Co-Producer & Assistant Director: Thulisile Mdlalose

BLACK_Show Poster_Official

BLACK_Show Poster_Official

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