A story of love. A story of hope. A story of home.

Calling Me Home is an epic story that moves from the plains of Africa to the concrete jungle of a great American metropolis. Grace, a young woman, flees her war torn home to find a new life amongst a group of migrants who, like her, have sought shelter here. She falls in love with Rafael and her life becomes part of the hopes and fears of her new community, in particular of Rafael’s beautiful but troubled sister Isabella, their friend Ben and the courageous Lindiwe. The community must defend itself from Ivan, a ruthless gang lord and tragedy strikes as evil, courage and hope battle it out and Grace ultimately discovers the true meaning of ‘home.’

This brand new original musical will open at The Mandela at Joburg Theatre in Johannesburg.

Age Restriction: PG12

Directed by Magdalene Minnaar
Written by Alice Gillham
Lynelle Kenned
Samantha Peo
Zolani Mahola
Tankiso Mamabolo
Carly Graeme
Isabella Jane Snyman
Luigia Casaleggio
Annemari Steenkamp
Zion Zuke
Vasti Knoesen
Laura Lee Pitout

Musanete Sakupwanya
Michael McMeeking
Christiaan Snyman
Pierre van Heerden
Richard Gau
Clint Lesch
Saxola Ketshengane
Thiart Li

“The style of the music, the words and the entire concept blew me away and I have every reason to believe that this is a potential hit show…I was hooked from the first song I heard – epic, sophisticated, heartfelt and sincere are words that spring to mind.” – Rodney Trudgeon, Fine Music Radio

“This is a story that will not only resonate with South Africans, but to the world at large and we are confident that the production has all the critical musical and storytelling components needed to ensure its worldwide success.” – Rowlin Naiker, Managing Director – Sony / ATV South Africa

Dear friends of Calling Me Home,

As musical theatre lovers, we understand the secret joys of attending a production and being able to sit in the dark and hum or sing along as the stars on stage perform your favourite songs, tapping your foot to the beat of melodies and rhythms ingrained on your heart.

That is why, attached to this newsletter, you will find a link to our first song release from Calling Me Home!

The song’s title is ‘Tomorrow’ from Act I, Scene 1. It is performed by original cast member, the spectacularly talented Lynelle Kenned, who will play the role of Grace on the Mandela Stage at Joburg Theatre in August 2017.

So now, without further ado, click on over to our YouTube channel to listen to this hauntingly beautiful recording…

We hope you love it as much as we do!

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