“Decomposed soul” draws a very relative mirror to South Africans, Africa and the World, a past that has never escaped people of colour – Colonialism! But for South Africa Apartheid was a cherry on top. Under the apartheid law Karabo Kganya grew up with both his parents, his father Thabang Kganya a political activist and later deployed as a spy by the Apartheid Police, Thabang Kganya leader of the liberation movement struggle understood where his loyalties lay, to free his people but Freedom comes with a price. For centuries Africa has been brutalised and left to DECOMPOSE, many left their families going into exile, many fought, many died, physically or psychologically, in the end Africa DECOMPOSED.

The play is set in a small fictional country in Africa called “RELATLHILWE” which means “We have been deserted” (Setswana). Karabo Kganya a qualified Teacher after losing everything he ever loved, all he is left with are the horrific pictures of his past, a decomposed mind that decomposes every possible young soul. The play employs the use of physical theatre, satire and language to untangle the myths, collisions and lies of what was called “FREEDOM FOR ALL”. Through Karabo’s journey we look at how hierarchy applies everywhere, the law is there to protect all citizens irrespective of Colour, Race, Cree or Sex but DECOMPOSED SOUL twists the title to look at how decomposed can also mean “Too rotten to Reason” . The chapter of apartheid in the play is not designed to create segregation or hate amongst races but rather to unite them in bringing about a clearer binocular to where South Africa comes from and where its heading, how to overcome the shocking statistics of women and child killing, and a reality to human trafficking. It gives a voice to the silenced, the censored, the blind, the ignorant and the oppressed.

The play is a ONE – MAN – SHOW, with one actor taking on 24 roles unravelling DECOMPOSED untold stories of South Africa. Two musician carry the piece with the actor, bringing the old African music to a Contemporary tune that speaks to both young and old.

Writer & Director
Kagiso Tsimakwane