The Choral Extravaganza, is a marvellous ONE night only fundraising event, hosted by the 2018 Grade 9 class of the Drakensberg Boys Choir School.  This is the first time that the entire Drakensberg Boys Choir will be performing in Jo’burg.  The stage will be shared by a few local school choirs, with many of them having won numerous awards and accolades.  It is from these schools which some of the Drakensberg boys have come. The spark that was ignited while they were there, has now become a raging fire and the passion and enthusiasm coupled with talent makes them thrilling to watch. Tonight will not just be about excellent choral music but about honouring some of the schools where these boys started from. We will share with you the journey of the boys coming from a school choir, their journey into the “New Boy Choir” and lastly the destination of being part of the world renowned Drakensberg Boys Choir.


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