EVIL (info)

EVIL  – Featuring Jaques de Silva

Produced by the National School of the Arts

Directed by Laine Butler and Mike da Silva

This startling work was adapted and translated by Jens Svane Boutrup from the 1981 bestselling semi-autobiographical book by the acclaimed French Swedish novelist Jan Guillou.

EVIL is a window onto the abusive and oppressive world of institutionalised bullying.

The protagonist, Erik,  has been hardened by an abusive step-father. He becomes a leader of a teenager gang and a master of petty crime. As the situation deteriorates he is sent, as a last resort to boarding school. Considered an elite establishment, the truth is that it is run by a sadistic older pupil’s council and he soon becomes the target of their relentless bullying while the teachers look away. Erik befriends Pierre, a gentle, withdrawn boy who teaches him the utopia of non-violence. As Erik tries to stand up for himself and his roommate he learns to find his own strength and discovers the importance of friendship, and most importantly, resilience, despite becoming a victim of violence himself.

Bullying remains a heart-breaking and frighteningly prevalent problem.

The stage adaptation was voted one of the top productions of the Imaginate Youth Festival in Edinburgh in 2016 and 2017 by a jury of teenagers.

EVIL is presented by the National School of the Arts by arrangement with Nordiska Aps, Copenhagen.

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