Mr Mokoena, a mid-30 male poet decides to let his guard down and takes professional step by consulting a therapist about his concern, but his first-time session triggers some memories that lead him to have mixed emotions.
At the beginning of the session Mr Mokoena doesn’t open up but eventually let’s his guard down. The therapist asks questions that lead Mr Mokoena to open up and express his thoughts and emotions so that she can understand the cause of his suffering and how to help him, yet Mr Mokoena feels judged and threatened by the therapist in regard to how he perceives the nature of the session.
Through his perception he becomes a threat too to the therapist and makes him feel uncomfortable as he tells his story on how he got to where he is. Under the unforeseen circumstances still the therapist tries to help Mr Mokoena regardless of his life being in danger. The session escalates to a point where the therapist ends up takes the matter into his own hands by taking out her gun in self-defence just to make Mr Mokoena cooperate in the session.
Mr Mokoena cooperates and calms down as the tension drops yet the therapist is still in a shock to what has transpired for the first time. He trusts nothing as he continues to point the gun at him with fear during the session then suddenly Mr Mokoena figures something off about the therapist and decides to leave in the middle of the session.