A new, exciting fusion of guitar sounds is about to take South Africa by storm in 2019!

GUITAR WIZARDS is a concept created by Corneille Hutten of the multi award-winning, and proudly South African, guitar duo CH2.  With their flawless, effortless technique and pulsating rhythms they showcase what can be done on only two guitars, classical guitars, and create a very exciting instrumental pop sound whilst mimicking drum sounds and bass guitar all at the same time. CH2 has truly developed their own style unique to the band and continues to blow people away with their virtuosity. The members of CH2 keep challenging themselves with new techniques every day and see themselves as pioneers of the classical guitar, pushing the instrument into genres it is not known for.

GUITAR WIZARDS will also feature international sensation, 18-year-old Marcin Patrzalek.

A breathtaking celebration of Guitar music!

Guitar Wizards in South Africa 2019

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