Johannesburg – Maximum Stylez Records and Publishing’s flagship artists, Pepsin and Fruitystar, are set to illuminate the local entertainment scene with the release of their best offering as a musical duo yet. Their latest album, High Stylez, will be launched during a live DVD recording on the evening of Thursday, 5 July 2018 at the Fringe, at the Joburg Theatre in Braamfontein.

High Stylez has got a ‘feel-good’ vibe about it and is easy and fun to sing along to. The album is bound to captivate audiences across generations due to its appeal to young revellers interested in catchy rhymes and lines, and to the mature, more discerning segment looking for meaningful lyrical content.

Various talented producers and artists, of differing musical influences and backgrounds, the likes of Momo Dread, Botanist, Towdeemac, Black Dillinger, Bun’Pot, SFS, Skeleton Blazer, Muzzla Kartel and Tic Tac Muzic are all featured on the album.

Pepsin and Fruitystar are an ideal modern pairing whose individual sound, persona and on-stage presence complement the other very well. Their passion for music is reflected in the quality of their work – from composition to their electrifying performances.

The two have collaborated on numerous other projects before and have also released hits as solo artists for their record label. They join forces once more on this album which comprises the hit singles: Satisfy My Soul, Selfie and Gyal Ah Murder. Music videos for these singles continue to receive plaudits and great reviews from fans following their debuts on national television channels.

This dynamic pair is currently on a nationwide tour promoting singles from the soon-to-be released album and the Dancehall and Reggae enthusiasts couldn’t be happier as they enjoy renditions of their favourite tunes performed live with the MSR Band.

Pepsin and FruityStar believe that their album is what the local music scene has been craving for a long time. “High Stylez is sure to be well received. It is such a captivating compilation that is going to take audiences to a whole new world – a place where their bodies and souls instinctively move to the real sounds of modern Mzansi Dancehall and Reggae”, Pepsin says.
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