BELIEVE HER, is a play that tackles issues of masculinity, patriarchy, misogyny and promotes women empowerment, gender equality while exposes Gender based violence and shedding lights to the victims of GBV in our country. It follows the journey of five (5) women who find themselves sharing their experiences about life in a hair salon. Discussing the lives of South African women regarding the brutal crimes against females and all the issues about women in our society.

While sharing their experiences they learn that they share similar struggles which prove that different women face the same problems.

I BELIEVE HER is not only shedding light but it’s also pays tribute to all the women whose lives were cut short at the hands of men and a salute all the strong women who are able to make it through difficult times and remain victorious . This is the story of Women empowerment.

“My main vision with this production is to create a new theatre that caters for everyone. To shed light on the monster that our country faces which is called gender based violence and also to give women a voice to tell their stories while men get a chance to listen and reflect on their actions ”says Philangezwi Nxumalo, Director and Producer of I BELIEVE HER.