Adding value to Africa’s creative arts

THE CREATIVE LINKS is a group of artists dedicated to the preservation and retelling of the African narrative and heritage through means of unearthed creative works as well as conversations from a millennial perspective. In their first series of works, they are bringing a new choreographic experience created by up-and-coming choreographers Given Mkhize and Usisipho Nteyi called iiNTSOMI ZOMPHEFUMLO: Tales of the Soul. iiNTSOMI ZOMPHEFUMLO speaks of tales that explore the complexities about spirituality through a one on one conversation about the different experiences that make up our humanity and relations to one another. The narration of these experiences utilises classical elements such earth, air, fire, and water. Individually, these elements could be powerfully destructive, yet the soul is intrinsically designed to find refuge and a connection to them.


Executive Producer & Host: Lungile Michael Themba


Cast & Choreography by: Given Mkhize & Usisipho Nteyi

Tickets: R200


Duration of show: 1hr 45min (including 15 min interval)