Who is to blame in this contemporary time, the one who is homosexual or his community for choosing religion and beliefs over nature of human kind? INGAPHAKATHI tells a story of a 24 years old (Perseverance Mojalefa Mokwena) who has been battling with his inner emotions that his community sees a sin and shame. Through all his life as a church goer, community youth leader, a qualified engineer and a whole hearted human being, he made a life changing decision to express himself and unapologetically voice out his views on sexuality as well as the battle he has had to deal with, in making his beloved to come to terms of understanding and accepting who he truly is. His mother (Silindile Mokwena) who is representing the Mokwena Family reject him for she doesn’t want to bring shame to the family. Mfundisi (the pastor) who is also secretly homosexual, crucifies him in order to protect his own image, his obsessed ex-girlfriend (Debbie) forces herself on him to heal her broken heart and his best friend (Macala) who represent the perception of the community try to change him but change is not possible for everything and everyone, more especially when sexuality feelings that are only felt and not seen physically are involved. Nevertheless Perseverance decides to give in through a cleansing process to maintain peace with his loved ones. With every one thinking they have managed to change their beloved son, best friend and an ex-lover. Their hope get lost when Mfundisi that they believe in finally get exposed to be like Perseverance, homosexual. It is high time they accept them or expect more to come out.