JOBE (info)

Why do bad things happen to good people?  When life is going smoothly, faith is easy. The test of faith always comes when life stops making sense.

The play “JOBE” is the story about a man who goes through adversity and pain, and longs for an explanation and counsel as to why his world has been turned upside down?

According to the Biblical tale, this counsel is revealed in a dramatic life changing dream / vision that him, his friends and wife’s beliefs are hit to the core!

This is a performance-centered piece, and is based on the original biblical story of JOB with its stylized dialogue.


PERFORMED BY: Muzi Mthabela | Mogau Paulina Motlatswi | Titus Mekgwe | Simpho Mathenjwa and Teboho Sengoai. 

DIRECTED BY: Josias Dos Molele

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