The Joburg Comedy Nights, is the first dedicated monthly standup comedy theater experience in Johannesburg. With a growing need for comedy in the city, Joburg Comedy Nights aims to service that need and in no way disappoints. Fittingly the Joburg Comedy Nights are held at none other than the Joburg theatre, on the last week of every month.
The hit show brings the best in South African comedy to the city. At The heart of arts and culture the Joburg theatre in Braamfontein, is only the most fitting venue to host the event.
The show attracts a fresh young audience with its lively and unmistakably authentic “Braam vibe”. But the audience isn’t limited to young people. Its fresh and new approach to the art form does not render the show unable to reach broader audiences. It still manages to attract and entertain an older audience.
The show has undoubtedly left its audience members wanting more as audience members are left asking, “When is the next show, and who’s going to be on the lineup?” When you have the best you can’t stop people from wanting more.

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