A family Christmas musical comedy, set in the city of Johannesburg

Jozi Jesus takes the events that led to the birth of a King on the streets of Bethlehem over two thousand years ago, and places those events right in the heart of the city of Jozi today.

What if Jesus was born in Jozi? — restless streets and everyday citizens, debt stricken, scurrying for specials at the local grocery store before heading home to their high-rise flats, or flood prone shacks; surburbia so consumed by social media she forgets to live; extremes of wealth and poverty; #feesmustfall protestors; #paybackthemoney echoes through these so-called gold paved streets. “Who’s really the King of this town?” is the cry of the people.

What if Jesus was born in Jozi?

With comedian and entertainer, Eddie Eckstein, as Mafia boss, “Nkosi Herod”, who’s cunningly obtained the title, “King of Jozi”.

And Mimi Mahlasela, actress, emcee, motivatonal speaker, as Jozi’s finest shebeen queen, “Mama Thula”.

The story of the birth of Jesus in Jozi is brought to life and made real through drama, dance and music by director, Yule Oswald.

Musical score composed, produced and mixed by Jemaine Roberts.

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