Ukuhlebeza Emathunzini,” which translates to “Whispering in the Shadows,” is a compelling and emotionally charged piece that fearlessly tackles profound issues, including child abuse, human trafficking, virginity testing, culture, love, and identity.
It follows a young girl who participates in ukuhlolwa kwezintombi, a Zulu cultural tradition involving virginity testing, and her Umhlonyane ceremony, a celebration of her womanhood.
She becomes ensnared in the web of human trafficking and unimaginable suffering, all orchestrated by her own mother.
Within this dark and complex space, she navigates the challenges posed by other vying for the affection of the boy of her dreams. Her journey is one of self-discovery and resilience while she strives to reclaim her shattered sense of self.
“Ukuhlebeza Emathunzini” sheds light on the untold stories and hidden narratives of those whose voices have been silenced.