WGRUV Dance International is proud to present their second season performance of LINA, showing at the Lesedi Theatre in July. Under the artistic direction of Holly and Lex Gruver, this fusion ballet is the story of opportunity, hardwork and perseverance.

In a Spanish town, Lina dreams big despite growing up with her hardworking single mother, Maria, who toils in a local bakery. When Maria loses her job, Lina’s dreams seem destined to fade. However, with the unwavering support of her best friend, aunt Claudia, a talented Spanish dancer, Lina discovers the strength to persevere.

Audiences will be moved by Lina’s journey of determination and resilience as she trains tirelessly, catching the eye of a director and earning her spot on the big stage. “LINA” beautifully illustrates how one person’s belief can ignite the spark needed to achieve great things.

“Lina” is a heartwarming story that shows how one person’s belief can help you achieve your dreams.

Don’t miss this uplifting performance that celebrates the beauty of resilience and the magic of dance. Perfect for audiences of all ages, this show will leave you inspired and cheering for more! Lima intends to pay tribute to the tireless devotion of parents, teachers, and artists who undergo much pain and effort to make their art accessible by all.