Stage acting is one of the oldest forms of storytelling, baring sitting around a fire and telling tales. It is a challenging, yet satisfying art forms when one hones the skill. As a form of storytelling, stage acting is both creative and technical. It involves the artist/actor mastering the art of being ‘big’ and projecting their voice to the back of the auditorium. As such, stage acting requires that the actor have an ability to use their voice, body and mind in order to be fully present when performing, much more so than screen acting.
This course will touch on all these aspects. In the process of preparing for a role, the actor must do their homework before stepping on the stage. The course will also go through what this homework entails.
This introductory course is designed to be beneficial to both experienced actors as well as those just starting out.
We will make use of various scripts from different genres to explore different techniques, exploring how to tackle characterisation, embodiment and delivery of text with Brecht, Grotovsky and Stanislavsky
To grapple with technique, we will explore exercises from Meisner, Uta Hagen amongst others.
We will then move onto understanding the relationship between the actor and fellow actors in ensemble, as well as with the audience.