NAGA YA FSA series of performances (info)

A collaborative process encompassing African Indigenous classical musical art inclusive of Western instruments and the spoken word.

A music performance that fuses indigenous African instruments like Mbira, Mvet, Shekeres accompanied by Western instruments like Saxophone, keys and the spoken word (recital).

The thrust of the performances is the use of two of the most primary elements of conversation language and musical art.

There is deliberate coalescence of the two, even though language could be viewed to be higher because it has conceptual priority over musical art.


The marriage between the two is breath taking though.

New works will be created in the process in Naga Ya Fsa series of performances- a place of learning and enlightenment.

This is conceptualized by award winning composer, teacher, cultural historian, creator and one of the country’s most diverse African contemporary and classical musical artist, Tokwe Sehume who calls this music of the mountains –music of the day before yesterday for a people of the day after tomorrow.