Children’s musical theatre
This is a story about “Tuti” a little boy seeking his mother. He had been told she was swallowed by the sea right after seeking her long lost love who happens to be his father. He has half a piece of a necklace that spiritually guides him through and his mother has the other half but what does his father have of him and who is his father?
It takes place in the undisclosed South African sea when Tuti demands that his uncle and aunt go in a boat with him to look for his mother, hoping that this boat trip will reveal the truth about who he really is and hopefully be embraced with motherly love as he so desires but the trip reveals more than he can handle.

He discovers that the sea has been waiting for his arrival for so many years and who he really is leaves a bitter taste to his mouth. The changes that have happened over the years before this trip have caused even the people he is ought to get support from to turn their backs on him. Could he be the magic ingredient that the dark evil forces have been waiting for? if so, how will he then survive from all of this and gain the one thing that drove him to take the trip in the first place?

How far can love take us? His adventures reveal all this and more!

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