Paradise Falls is set in an isolated place, were very little if not a few people live there. A man who has a rather strange and yet so interesting personality is a father to a young girl, Samantha. Samantha is a naive young girl who has a very curious nature, and loves catching butterflies. Samantha’s father is very protective and prohibits Samantha from being separated from him as he understands the dangers of the place they live in. Though he comes across as being an introvert, he somehow gives in to his daughter’s curious questions, about guns, sex and babies. One day after Samantha and her father were coming back from hunting, a man appeared out of nowhere, and shot Samantha’s father and abducted her. It is at this very moment that Samantha’s life took a turn for the worst. For 11 years Samantha is held captive by the abductor, and has her chained like a dog, rapes her daily and beats her up when she refuses to obey his orders. One day, the abductor gets shot and killed, relieved Samantha thinks that someone has come to rescue her, little did she know that Mjucate and Jimmy the ones who shot the abductor, were not there to rescue her. They both take turns raping Samantha, she could not even fight them anymore as she had lost all hope that she would ever leave this place and stopped being treated like an object, especially for sexual satisfaction. They unchained her and started walking to Paradise Falls, claiming they could sell Samantha when they reach Paradise Falls and make fortunes. However on their way to Paradise Falls, Samantha tricks Jimmy that Mjucate planned to kill him and keep all the fortunes to himself, immediately they turn on each other, they point guns at each other and they both get shot and killed at the end. Samantha is finally free, it is at this time that she reflects on the past year’s of her life and what the present meant for her as well as what was the future holding for her. A beautifully written play that leaves one in awe, total disbelief and full of emotions. One can’t help but wonder what now awaits for Samantha in Paradise Falls.

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