Paul and McCoy are doing performances around the country and the USA to commemorate their partnership and friendship. Around the country they’re working with a five to a ten piece band and also perform as a duo. In the States they’ll mostly work as a duo , sometimes work with US based musicians.

Paul and McCoy will be joined by Nhlanhla Radebe  on double bass and Bernice Boikanyo on drums


McCoy/Paul Duo

We didn’t set out with a particular agenda; we just enjoyed working together and later found ourselves in situations where people who knew us both would say:

“…. Ah, but you guys… You are always together…”

And so it has remained- through countless duo and ensemble gigs at jazz clubs, festivals and theatres as well as on numerous album recordings, including a 2011 duo release entitled “The Boswil Concert” and McCoy’s ongoing  “Brasskap Sessions” series- for the past 30 years (in 2018..)

To mark this special milestone year, we have organised several special performances which showcase our original music in both duo and ensemble settings, some with strings and a specially featured guest or two.

Paul Hanmer McCoy Mrubata Poster

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