This play is about the two well-known figures that made history in SA. One is Tiyo Soga, and the other is Prophetess Nonqgawuse. Soga is renowned as the first South to be ordained and to have established the Presbyterian church. While, on the other hand, Prophetess was renowned for the mass Cattle-killing in the Xhosa land, where her nation and missionaries blamed her for the fall of the Xhosa nation.

The abundance of our prophets and prophetesses was the rise of Western religion and the fall of the African gospel. This Western gospel taught our fellow Africans that God is known through the bible only; that one cannot claim to know God if one has not known the word in the bible. This systematic gospel taught our Africans that their spirituality and traditional practices were barbaric Thus, they must stop what they were doing since it was sinful.

It is untrue to admit that Africans never knew God or had no relation with God. Africans knew God before the bible or missionaries came. If you can make a research about our good cultural values [since not all of them are good] and some Godly customs and compare them with the Israelite’s cultures, you will realise that most of them are similar. This proves that God had been speaking to our ancestors before missionaries came here and gave them good cultures and values to live. We can then define this transition of the formation of new religion by missionaries through the help of Tiyo Soga and other Black unknown individuals who helped missionaries to introduce their gospel in this land as: Rise and fall of the African powerful gospel.

Wednesday, 29 Jan to Sunday, 2 February 2020
Wednesday- Friday at 10:00
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Sunday at 15:00

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