Screen acting is the core of an Actor’s career. This area has the highest potential of becoming a profitable career with a huge following. But most Actors are focused on the fame, the money and on being a celebrity! These are perks and are not the business of Acting..
What is an Actor’s job on the set?
Everything on a screen is an illusion. Everything but the emotional truth of a performance. An actor is only as good as the impact their performance has on others. A performance is shaped by the relationships that surround and a clear thread of desire in every scene.
An Actor’s job is to be emotionally impactful. An actor is in the business of desire and relationships.
Course I introduces us to the Higher Principles of Acting that will teach us to engage truthfully moment-to-moment in our performance. By doing so, we bring emotional truth to the character and story.
Higher Principles of Acting are fundamental truths about human beings that foster deep connections to oneself and to others. If you wish to become Charismatic and compelling, then you will need to incorporate these Higher Principles of Acting. The Higher Principles are Vulnerability, Believability, Taking Action to Cause Change, Listening to Be Changed and Mystery.