Mobilising the collective and individual dreams of our country’s youth through Performing Arts and Education.

The Festival offers high school students the opportunity to engage their education curriculum for the first time on a professional stage regardless of background, ability or location. This thrilling, non-competitive environment builds capacity, character and allows students to explore aptitudes in a range of work fields such as history/geography consultants; wardrobe and props advisors; student company managers; creative directors in music and art; marketing, sound and lighting, directing and various other career-shaping experiences.

This year’s festival has 20 schools taking to the stage. Learners from different regions within the City of Joburg will take on one stage to share in their humanity, have fun and learn through theatre and performance.
If you would like your school to be a part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa visit, tell us about your school and we’ll get you registered for the 2019 Festival.

What participants have said;
“I have gained important life skills: to be kind to others, to follow the rules, work together and not judge people Learner” Vista Nova HS
“I saw an incredible development of confidence and courage in the students Teacher” Leap School
“30 minute versions make Shakespeare accessible and wet the appetite for further reading” Teacher, Eden College

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