Stanitsa represents the culture of Southern Russian, specifically Kuban.  The Russian folklore group “Stanistsa” was formed in 1990 on the base of the House of Culture and Sports in Krasnodar, the name deriving from the River Kuban in the Northwest Caucasus region of European Russia.

Their main aim is the preservation, development and promotion of traditional culture beautifully expressed through song, dance and music.

Stanitsa has been involved in various folk festivals in Russia, and abroad – including Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, China, Qatar, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and France.

The dances are diverse and varied. In their choreography they use elements of Cossack military life, such as sabres, whips and guns. Historically, the Stanistas were an economic and political organisation of the Cossack people primarily in the Southern regions of the Russian Empire, in modern Russia, The Kuban Cossacks live in a geographic region known for their hospitality and strong traditions.