Welcome and his friend Sibonelo are excited about the ensemble play, yet they thought that visiting an apartheid museum will intensify and magnify their storytelling. And as always, Sibonelo is always the one keeping time than Welcome.
Sibonelo arrives at the museum and gets astonished by some memories displayed. As exhausted and drained as he is from insomnia, he becomes impatient and a bit frustrated but eventually calms himself down. He takes a sit and suddenly falls asleep. In a few seconds after dozing off his phone rings, and it’s a call from Welcome. He stands and just when he’s about to answer the call welcome burst out of nowhere swiftly rushing to Sibonelo, urges him not to answer the phone call. Confused Sibonelo is looking at welcome who’s calling, yet he has no phone with him.
Welcome arrives as a surprise to Sibonelo and wearing unusual and not stuttering. Welcome explains to Sibonelo that he has no time, that he needs Sibonelo to help him free him through rewriting a certain part of his story in the history.
This leaves Sibonelo with no choice but to listen first what welcome went through as he reveals that he has been re-living every memory in the Apartheid Museum. Welcome takes Sibonelo through a journey without his concern, telling him about the memories he re-lived from the era of the arrival of the Dutch and the European in South Africa till 1994 when South Africa was beginning to develop.
Sibonelo goes through a painful journey at first but eventually blends in with the way Welcome leads the way. As he said that time isn’t on his side, Welcomes commands Sibonelo to fall asleep and it is so. He then picks him up and place him where he was sleeping at first and his phone begins to ring again.
Welcome leaves him behind and vanishes out of sight as his phone continues to ring and suddenly, he wakes up and realise he was dreaming and answered the call from Welcome only to find out that welcome won’t be able to make it.