The Taming of Jakarumba – Life of a Pantsula is a musical production that narrates the life, challenges and triumphs of one of the most colourful characters in the kwaito music industry.  Jairus Ditshotlo Nkwe is the layered personality that is a member of one of the most successful kwaito bands in South Africa, Trompies.  He has a story that is fascinating that rolls out like an adventurous roller-coaster.  As much as the road to music success was filled with joy and success, it was also accompanied by challenges and pitfalls.  The message of the production illustrates that no matter how deep and dark it gets, a person can bring themselves out through much effort.

Jakarumba acknowledges that at one point he was in the headlines for the wrong reasons.  He has put that phase behind him and wishes to share his experience.  The narrative would be empty if sePantsula and Kwaito are not included.  Who can forget Jakarumba’s pantsula moves and kwaito vibe?  With his successful career with Trompies as well as his own solo career, Jakarumba is among the most favoured kwaito pioneers in the nation. He openly admits that sePantsula is part of him and he will remain one for the rest of his life.

For the first time, Jakarumba will openly bare his lifestory that almost reads out like Boyz ‘n the Hood.  The story marks his maturity as a person, his staypower as an artist and the tamed bad boy  that had his bandmates always worried about.  When he looks back, he wishes he had never put anyone through that; but he feels it’s an experience that renewed his energy for life and living.  The artists he has collaborated with and contributed to their success, shall play guest appearances with their own kwaito hits.  Each act will be infused into the story that reflects a phase in Jakarumba’s life.  The story will be narrated by Jakarumba who will touch on the impact kwaito and sePantsula had on his life.

Jakarumba transformed himself from the wildcard that lived like there was no tomorrow.  He walked the earth like the road was made only for him.  He had no regard whether he hurt those around and dear to him.  Leisure was his middle name and mischief his cousin.  He was the king of his universe.  After finding serenity and spirituality, today he is a reformed man who takes himself seriously and mended his wild ways. Ladies and gentlemen, the people of South Africa, welcome to the taming of Jakarumba.