THE VOID (info)

Directed by: Moses Rasekele D

Produced by: Moses D Arts & Media

The Void is a Docu-drama play telling a story of yearning for one’s parent/s, through exploring the stories of pain, loss, memory and hope for those who have been left behind by their parent/s. It follows a trajectory of nuance characters’ specific to individual stories and some shared experiences.  The play performed at the Mozambique FITI Festival 2018 and will be presented to a South African audience at the Joburg Theatre  The play is created by Christopher Feni, Matlakala Motaung, Zimele Ndhlovu and Moses Rasekele D.

The play is developed through a series of workshops, with three performers who researched, interviewed and used their personal stories to get different perspectives about the idea of waiting. The stories are told from different points of views and interwoven into one narrative of hope, love, exploration, tension, despair and coming together. As a central theme, the play explores the idea of waiting for a parental figure. It interrogates absent parents, the reasons behind their absence and the impact this may have on their children and their upbringing.

There is great focus on hope, interwoven with the concept of waiting. The concept of waiting is often challenging as it can be indefinite, but the journey of waiting requires for one to constantly remain hopeful. The journey is filled with unexpectedness and ambiguity and the end results can be disappointing and or unfulfilling. It is a journey of empty spaces and uncertainties, often waiting for the unknown. The idea of waiting also extends to instances where the father or mother, or both parents, are present physically but their absence is felt in many other ways.

Moses D Arts & Media which is responsible for organising event activations in the arts and entertainment space from conception to the performance. The company has a particular focus on the arts and entertainment, specialising in hosting workshops for drama, play productions, marketing and activations, The D branded clothing collection, industrial theatre and other interventions through drama. The company aims to make the arts and entertainment events accessible to the community and to provide alternative events on the calendar. Moreover, it aims to break the wall between society and certain activities in the arts that may seem to be too far removed from them and their lived experiences.

The company has produced several works in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The company has also produced and presented work at the National Arts Festival, Maitisong Festival, FITI Festival, Joburg Theatre, University of Zimbabwe, University of the Witwatersrand, Polokwane Library Gardens, Maitisong Theatre in Botswana, Theatre in The Park in Zimbabwe and Teatro Avenido in Mozambique.


Created by:

Zimele Ndhlovu

Matlakala Motaung

Christopher Feni

Moses Rasekele D


Moses Rasekele D

076 069 5604


Operations Manager

Cyprian Mthembi

079 854 4305

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