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The Wiz is a glorious musical retelling of Frank Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” – the ever-popular modern American fairy tale of Dorothy Gale who finds herself in the mythical Land of Oz following a violent tornado.

In her quest to get back home to Kansas, she is told by the good Witch of the North that The WIZ has “fantastic powers”. As she sets off to meet him, she meets three unlikely friends, a Scarecrow, a Tinman and a Lion. Together they sing and dance down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City to find the WIZARD so that he can get a brain for the Scarecrow, a heart for the Tinman, courage for the cowardly lion and a means for Dorothy to get back home to Kansas. 

The WIZ is an uplifting musical of good forces triumphing over evil ones, of liberation and self-discovery. The Wiz reveals to the four adventurers that all the magic that they need to heal themselves actually resides inside their hearts. When the good witch Glinda tells Dorothy to ‘believe in yourself,’ she invites the audience to do just that as well.

“Believe in yourself right from the start

Believe in the magic that’s inside your heart!”

The National School of the Arts brings this Award-winning musical to the Mandela stage as its flagship production of the NSA’s Festival of the Arts. Directed and choreographed by Tracey Human with additional choreography by Nicol Sheraton and Laura Cameron; musical direction by Marten Van Wyk, projections by Wilhelm Disbergen and costumes by Cassandra Parsons, The WIZ with its infectious funky soulful gospel musical will leave the audiences with a beat in their feet and a joyful melody in their hearts.

The Wiz follows a proud line-up of recent successful NSA productions staged at Joburg Theatre, Schools Will Rock You (2017) Once on this Island (2016) FAME (2015) and Sweet Charity (2014). The annual NSA musical affords an opportunity for the triple threat performers, those who can sing, dance and act, to shine.

For perfect family entertainment “Ease on Down the Road” with The National School of the Arts to the magical land of OZ with good and bad witches, munchkins, flying monkeys, dancing poppies, crows, mice, Emerald City Citizens and a message of hope, acceptance, love and redemption in a fantasy urban setting where we see the young girl Dorothy growing up in the loving company of a Scarecrow, a Tinman and a Lion.

Book by William F. Brown

Music and Lyrics by Charlie Smalls


The NSA Festival of the Arts acknowledges The National Lotteries Commission and partner Assitej.

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