Nathi Manyathi is the Life Coach and the transformational speaker. He trained to become the coach with Consciousness Coaching Academy and qualified in 2012.

He then realised the difference between motivation and coaching. He saw that most of his people were given a lot of motivation and very little coaching. The main reason for this was that coaching is more expensive than motivation.

Nathi saw it unfair that the poor are given motivation which does not last long to benefit them best. While the rich receive coaching which guarantees them success always.

Through coaching, he learned and later experienced it for himself that motivation from outside can never be your own. While coaching causes you to have insights – which are yours forever.

As the solution he then decided to do the long talks that promise to transform people’s lives. In these talks, he also does a little coaching. In that way demonstrating to his audience the difference between motivation (which may be good) and coaching (which is best).

In his talks, Nathi Manyathi causes the unconscious to awaken to their greatness. He does this by sharing with them the information that causes transformation and by performing in the authentic manner that demonstrates greatness within. In that way mirroring back to his audience what they are also capable of.

He then shows his audience the different doors for support on their journey to greatness.

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