TRIBHANGI DANCE THEATRE has always worked within the framework of cultural diversity and intercultural understanding.
Cultural dialogue through dance/music drama and visual arts conveys messages that are subtle yet clear, holistic yet tangible, multidimensional yet direct.

In MAPPING OUR JOURNEY……Siyamphambili (We are moving forward!!!) we tap into our identity as African and more importantly South African.

We focus on the contributions we have made as a people from the time of our Arrival as Indenture class and where we are at today 162 years later…..
The bonds of our hearts, mind and soul underpins a shared history of suffering and resistance.
We journey back in time to reflect on a troubled
past of oppression, our liberation and freedom since 1994 and the road ahead as we unify our diverse rainbow nation.

Tribhangi Dance Theatre’s history was formed by these incidents.