“TRIBUTE TO SOUTH AFRICAN JAZZLEGENDS” is a unique show. It is a musical offering driven by the aim and purpose of wanting to honour South Africa’s jazz music icons and giants – alive and departed. Led by one of South African Jazz crooner, Hendrick Monyeki,

The show seeks to pay tribute to jazz artists who have brightened up the spirits of South Africans even during the darkest days of the country’s oppressive past. To this day, their music remains a powerful inspiration and it is remembered with nostalgia. “Looking back as a young 30-something year-old, I remember how I listened to their music with my parents, aunts, uncles, older cousins and neighbours.

I used to marvel at how they would sing along and dance to their tunes. The music had a significant meaning to the older people around me at the time and today I’m glad I appreciate why. The same music and musicians inspire my craft today. I fell in love with their music and the intent of the music to entertain, to soothe, to heal and to inspire that I also wanted to become a singer,” says Hendrick Monyeki, lead of the show. With “Tribute to South African Jazz Legends”, I want to show my appreciation on behalf South Africans, I want to say thank you for crying with us and for wiping our tears during the country’s days of turmoil. I want to say thank you for remaining a part of our lives in democratic South Africa.