Singer and songwriter Tshedi Mholo is going back to her gospel music foundation!

She started out singing in church; which is where she also got the opportunity to be the co-founder and lead singer of award-winning group Malaika.

“We have to start somewhere and explore other genres within our talent range before going full circle. I have always known that I will end up going back to gospel music. It took me a long time to go back into studio, learning new sounds to be able to evolve. Until I had a light bulb moment, where gospel kept pulling my soul back to what I know best,” she said.
Though she has never stopped writing and performing, she said through this show, she will be giving her fans a taste of her gospel music capabilities.

She has never been shy to share that her sound, music career and talent were shaped by church and this was evident through most of her interviews.
“I can’t wait to share with my fans my gospel sound and we are going to have a great night of sharing in the Lord’s presence and praise Him through song,” she said.

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