“Tumisang Seleke’s musical journey began by singing in church and school choirs at an early age. She recorded a demo album in 2009 entitled “HE LIFTED ME UP” which received local radio airplay with community radio stations around Rustenburg. In 2014, she recorded a live album at Phokeng Civic Center in Rustenburg her first debut album entitled “YOU ARE HOLY”.
Tumisang Seleke’s albums are a unique blend of all forms of Gospel. Her songs are a melodious combination of traditional “Sunday Church” gospel, with the smoothness of contemporary praise and worship.
She has travelled to and performed in many cities around South Africa to offer praise and worship seminars in churches. Her travels have also taken her to neighbouring countries in Africa and she has performed multiple times in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Uganda.
Tumisang Seleke music and lyrics mirror her personal life and values, which can only be described as authentic and grateful. She often states that “My truth is being told” through her lyrics. Her hopes and prayers are that her songs will be a constant reminder of the blessings they receive on a daily basis.”