SA Dance Troupe Via Katlehong to perform at Joburg Theatre at the end of June, following World Tour
Johannesburg, South Africa – The acclaimed dance troupe from South Africa, Via Katlehong, is set to perform its latest production, Via Injabulo, at the Joburg Theatre from June 29 to July 2. This will be the first time that the group performs for a South African audience, after their recent performance at the Maitisong Festival in Gaborone. This tour is supported by the French Institute of South Africa, the French Institute in Paris and TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa.
After the great success of Via Kanana, a collaboration with the renowned choreographer Gregory Maqoma, Via Katlehong invited Amala Dianor (France/Senegal) and Marco da Silva Ferreira (Portugal), to bring a new creation to the stage: a double bill with two singular energies revolving around the joy of dancing and the desire of sharing. Via Injabulo celebrates the spirit of community, culture, and tradition of the township of Katlehong, through a unique blend of contemporary dance and South African pantsula.
With Emaphakathini Amala Dianor based his work on a process of amalgamation, that is to say, a way of pushing back the borders, of moving the lines of separation to find new spaces, new “in-betweens” (emaphakathini) to be explored.
With førm Inførms, Marco da Silva Ferreira worked on reforming the metaphor of the body as an anthropological object carrying in it the memory of the past. These bodies for him are forms expressing rebellion and the figure of the anti-hero.
The group’s combination of traditional African dance, hip-hop, and contemporary dance has captivated audiences around the world. According to the review by French newspaper Le Monde, Via Injabulo is an impressive mix of dance styles that are seamlessly woven together:

“The dancers of Via Katlehong were on a whirlwind escapade. With Via Injabulo, the South African troupe offers festival-goers some top-notch hip-hop entertainment. A beautiful tangle of unisons distributes squads of dancers whose staggering gestures, marked by rapping feet, are magically bound together”
Via Katlehong has gained international acclaim for its performances, having completed successful tours of France and Europe, including a highlight performance at the prestigious Avignon Festival.
“We are excited to finally bring our performance home to South Africa,” says Buru Mohlabane, manager of Via Katlehong. “Our previous tours on the international stage were incredibly successful, and we are thrilled to share our new work with our local fans and supporters.”
Their upcoming performance at the Joburg Theatre promises to be just as spectacular, with a dynamic showcase of music, dance, and storytelling. The three-day event promises to be a highlight of the cultural calendar.