Voice Of uMaskandi is a theatrical masterpiece responding to “Waar gaan daai musiekant”. It heralds the birth, history and evolution of Maskandi. A genre of music made popular in the early 1960’s when radio Bantu was introduced.

Our Creative Director Ms Todd Twala a pioneer of ‘Iph’intonbi’and the world acclaimed ‘Umoja’ takes into cognisance the fact that some genres of traditional music has its origins /roots dating as far back as the forced labour migration period. Maskandi, Cothoza and oSwenka were some of the ways in which migrants/labourers would unwind after a long hard day.

Ms Twala together with Mr Muzi Mthabela the script writer/narrator (popularly known as Duma on Mzansi’s telenovela ISIBAYA) have managed to interpret Maskandi into an exhilarating tale of the origins, literally bringing music alive on stage. Ms Twala has mastered and perfected the art of telling the story of South Africa and its people through song, magnificent costumes, award winning and internationally acclaimed choreography. 



Please join us at Jo’burg theatre’s THE FRINGE for an unforgettable evening of exhilarating theatrics where the Industry Legend Ms Todd Twala and Ibhoklolo Entertainment have teamed up once again to bring you a night of spectacular dance, storytelling, performance, magnificent costumes and poetry. A celebration of culture through song and dance, a show that will ignite the hidden dancer in you.

Dress to kill and don’t forget your imbadadas. Ticket prices  from R180.00

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