Who is the fairest of them all?

Come on an adventure with us, as we discover who is the fairest of them all! Passing through the most friendliest forest animals, meeting 7 dwarfs and facing a wicked step mother with a sinful apple. Loves first kiss conquers all and they live happily ever after.


A beautiful princess, Snow White lives with her evil step mother – The Queen. Jealously engulfs the Queen with the beauty of Snow White and so the Queen summons her huntsman to take Snow White into a forest and kill her. The Huntsman cannot bring himself to do so, and instead tells Snow White to run away into the forest.

Running through the forest Snow White meets friendly forest animals, fairies and a cottage with 7 dwarfs. The dwarfs grow to love Snow White and accept her as one of their own. One day, while the dwarfs are off to work, and The Evil Queen disguised as an old lady arrives at the cottage to sell apples.

Snow White bites into the apple, not knowing its poisoned. She falls into a deep sleep. The 7 dwarfs alert the forest creatures to chase away the evil queen away and she falls to her death.

Thinking Snow White is dead, the dwarfs place Snow White into a glass coffin in the woods and mourn for her. A prince who is amazed by her beauty, reaches down and gives her loves first kiss. A miracle happens…..she wakes up and Snow White, The Prince and the 7 Dwarfs live happily ever after.