ZO! By Vincent Mantsoe
Piles of bones, bones and flesh, choking the open plains like ‘men’ gathering for war initiation, men who lost dignity like wildcat fighting for antelopes, while vultures are waiting to finish the bit of the spirit.

I am a beautiful, graceful, fearless creature, tempestuous rage runs inside me, it’s my nature, and I am ZO/beast!
You cannot tame my nature, I run with death and selfishness. I am Queen, King ZO, I am a junkie intoxicated by my own fears.

ZO! lament…

I was born among gods, gods who cursed me in these dry lands, I am now here, ruling every branch of tree which is marked with bloody urine. This is an open field of circus, where wild beast can rule, piss on you, and cut your throat with his cursed soul.

I am beautiful, graceful, fearless, elegant, am multi colored creature, black, yellow, green, white, pink, purple, brown, red, I am tall, short, medium size and everything in between is a beautiful ZO!

Oh, behold the mighty deceiver, behold the cruel beautiful beasts, behold the plague it has falling upon us, Aieee! Perhaps, I forgot where I come from, perhaps I forgot that death awaits me, perhaps I am a fool who forgot that he is a fool, perhaps I am a walking creature loaded with chains on my back;

ZO! Rhythm and Spirit…

A perpetual rhythm of ‘ZO’ is inspired by the grace, spirit, beauty, memory, weakness, fragments of telling and not telling, fearless. Absorbing a psychological manifestation of power, mimicking the force of the beast’s nature, entranced like a bull charging for the final glory. ZO, through the memory of negative and positive ‘space’ a perpetual e-motions, which simultaneously by its nature echoes the shifting spectra of a beast. This final assimilation and appreciation of the entire beast will lead to personal enrichment, the entrance of ZO to its past, present is known and restored by perpetual path.

MUTE by Gregory Maqoma
Silence echoes loudly in shifting times and spaces. MUTE is a work that intends to break the silence, to give power to voices and bodies to confront the universe of greed through a spiritual realm.
The work will use sound as a metaphor that communicates stories of loss and life. MUTE defies the rules of engagement, where the body becomes the object that refuses to be objectified, where the soul becomes the spirit that brings life.

Both artists are using 6 dancers of Vuyani Dance Theatre where their techniques are recorded and developed. This works will be used as a demonstration for the artists technique. We hope that the work can tour locally and internationally.