Arnold and Tina are a sizzling young couple who set each other on fire! Twas’ lust at first sight when the two met. Arnold offered Tina his lighter, and thus sparked a flame which sizzled late into the night… It was the first time Tina had been with a white man, and the first time Arnold had been with anyone! Neither one was sure whether they were ready to settle down, or just settle… Join their exhilarating journey, in a caravan, as Arnold and Tina navigate love, life and traffic, trying to quit cigarettes and occasionally each other.

‘You Take My Breath Away’ is a love-hate story with a little dancing, some physical theatre, and a whole lot of comedy! It voices the outrageous things you could only say to a lover, dabbling with word-play, repetition, witticisms, repetition, ambiguity and repetition. To top it all off, there’s some Nina Simone too! So if you like good music, a great laugh, a touching tale and a play to excite your theatrical senses, don’t miss ‘You Take My Breath Away!’ – a play for anyone who has been in or out of love.

Christie, Sibiya and Young are three Joburg based theatre-makers, working as directors, writers and performers in the local theatre, film and television industry. The trio met at Wits where they devised ‘You Take My Breath Away’, and since have continued to develop the show for new audiences. To get in touch with them, please e-mail

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