Zale’s Purple Pride takes on the genre of drama which one of its most important elements is to distinguish the two types of theatre styles that will be integrated without surpassing the boarders of each style because of its uniqueness. The idea of the play derives from a real life matter-emotional abuse on women. The entire first act is expressionism showcased in a dream-like state, so that we hook the audiences emotions which will be required for the second act, taking over in realism. Truth be told, what was a ‘dream’ in matter of fact is reality. Realism is everyone’s truth and one makes belief that their trials are unrealistic due to factors seeking to render ones internal mental landscape. We uncover our mental landscape including thoughts and emotions dealing with emotional abuse in addition, creating coping mechanisms because of denial. Furthermore, we tap into how traditional practices clash with modernism, how generational impact defines the phrase ‘ an apple doesn’t fall far from its tree’ and how society claims to guide but is misleading us causing mayhem. We dealing with a lost society where a woman’s is trying to find her identity and the woman she desires to be in the 21st century. Is it possible for females to overpower the wolves for a greater use of their pride? This play is about a woman claiming back her pride and independence without depending on a man and men learning to know how to treat women.


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