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Friday 05 August 21hoo till late

Dukesta’s musical career started in 2003 with his involvement in school events in High School. His uncle, and a neighbourhood friend, Sifiso Hlatstshwayo, introduced him to House Music. In high school he decided to pursue a career in music as a DJ and a composer. He was inspired by the likes of DJ Cira, Sox, Andy X, Fresh and DJ Mabuso. He has shared stages with Abicah Soul, Julian Gomes, Panache Boys, Blackwhole, Euphonik, Franky, Mbusi, Shimza, Da Capo, Mo Flava and Andy X amongst others. He has since travelled all over South Africa playing the music that he loves. He was invited to play at Channel O Celebrity Basement earlier this year. His debut single is Happy Dayz featuring G Rel.