David Elisha is a French-speaking Gospel singer.
He was born on March 23rd, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in a Christian family. He is an entrepreneur and promoter of Molongi Music, a Gospel music production company. He is the pastor responsible for the ministry of Redemption Church based in Kinshasa. He is a husband and father of two children, one girl and one boy.
“NÉ POUR VAINCRE,” “YAMBO TONGO ETANA,” “YONDE MONONZI,” “BENGA YESU,” “LOYEMBO” and “YESU OYO” are just a few of hit songs that he has written and composed.
JUSTIFIÉ, his debut album, is already on the market and can be downloaded on all online platforms.

The mission of his musical ministry is to:
1. Restore the altar of worship in the church
2. Restore hope to those who have reached the depths of despair.
Remain richly blessed as you purchase and continuously listen to his work on all legal online outlets.