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This musical is an adaption based on FGS-Founding Master -Venerable Hsing Yun’s bestseller “The Biography of Sakyamuni Buddha”.
Born 2,600 years ago in the ancient Indian city – Kapilavastu, Prince Siddhartha was prophesied to be great; either as a leader like his father or a spiritual teacher. King Suddhodana tried all means within his power to ensure that the prince grew up oblivious to the worldly reality of pain and suffering that exists beyond the palace walls. However, on a fateful day, whilst exploring the kingdom, Prince Siddhartha witnessed old age, sickness, and death. Devastated by the sight, he abandoned everything he had and set off to find the fundamental cause of suffering and its end.
After 6 years of conducting various spiritual practices, Siddhartha came to the realization that those practices could not answer all his questions. It wasn’t until he decided to meditate under a bodhi tree did he then eventually achieve enlightenment and became the Buddha.
Through this process, Siddhartha gained much insight which ultimately became the basis of Buddhist teachings which has since been passed down through centuries and is practiced by millions today.
The production was founded in 2007. One and a half decades later, this production has travelled across the continents with the African continent being the last. It has been showcased in numerous countries over the years: Philippines, Taiwan, United States, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia just to name a few.
The musical aims to touch the hearts of countless people; to be filled with compassion and wisdom. Watch the story unfold about the young Prince Siddhartha, who renounced his royal status and left a life of luxury to seek enlightenment.